We know that like us in the BSI, many people in  the Suzuki world are excited about next year’s  British Suzuki Gala Week. We also know that many  of you want to be part of this amazing experience not just on the day but in the lead up to it as well. Many of you want to actually help make it and bring it to life. And you can.

So whilst we work hard to ensure the whole event is the best possible value for money we can make it,  we are hearing stories of great generosity from the UK Suzuki community. Of people so excited about the idea of the Gala Week that they have approached us directly and asked how they can help, asking what they can contribute towards, what they can pay for.

We are already hearing talk of children busking with a view to raising money to pay for some of  the costs. Of cakes being baked as a fundraising event, of marathon training being undertaken to run for Suzuki. And of outright cash donations being offered. It is with your generosity and excitement in mind that we thought we should offer you and everyone else in the Suzuki community an opportunity to help us make something special.

If you are able to donate to the BSI for this brilliant event, please go to the Just Giving website britishsuzuki/gala-2016.  There you can sign up as a sponsor of an element of this unforgettable musical experience that is the British Suzuki Gala Week.

We are seeking sponsorship to cover the cost of the following items:
£2.50 for a balloon (which will drop from the ceiling of the Royal Albert Hall – we’d love to have 2,000 balloons tumble down upon us all at the concert’s end)

£3 for a flag (we need 1,000 of them!)

£10 for a commemorative t-shirt

£15 for a spare violin bow (we always need spares to hand)

£25 for a branded hoodie to be worn by our staff

£50 to print all the branded festival style security bands that the children will wear

£70 for a concert steward

£120 for a night’s accommodation in London to allow our regional UK Suzuki teachers to make this incredible event more affordable

£150 so we can buy flowers to present to our playtogether, concert and course directors

£200 for an electric piano – we need twenty of these!

£300 for travel and accommodation costs for each  of our overseas guests

£700 for piano accompanists

£750 to ensure the action on stage at the Royal Albert Hall is professionally followed by a lighting spot operator

£800 for musical arrangements including  the special Gala version of “Wishing”

£900 to hire a grand piano

£1,000 for the concert lighting design

£2,000 for performer refreshments

£3,000 to hire the Royal College of Music

£5,000 to allow us to host a party for our marvellous overseas and UK Suzuki teachers

£7,000 so we make a DVD recording of the Royal Albert Hall concert

£10,000 to allow us to hang audio visual screens in the Royal Albert Hall

£16,000 to hire the Royal Albert Hall

Unless you wish to remain anonymous, all sponsors will be named in the event programme.