The British Suzuki Institute invites you to audition to play in the exceptional SUZUKI GALA celebration concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Easter Day, Sunday 12 April 2020.


Pianists will participate in unique 20 Keyboard Group performances accompanied by a professional string ensemble with arrangements composed for this concert by Timothy Murray.


This concert is a unique showcase event and will require children to play at an exceptional level with very little rehearsal on the day before – Saturday 11 April.


As most piano children will not have had much multi-piano ensemble playing experience, we ask that teachers only select students who they know will be very well prepared already and be able to play the set pieces at a concert level and CD speed. Ideally, children should be a book ahead of the piece that they are applying for.


All pieces should be played at the speed of the official recordings (New International Edition performed by Seizo Azuma) and will require children who are accepted to practice with the ensemble practice recording which will be sent to all students selected.


In the concert, each piano item will involve 16 different children and 4 teacher leaders who will play on the main stage of the Royal Albert Hall while being accompanied by the string ensemble. Teachers should choose students who they know will be quick and capable of adapting and listening to the group and accompaniment. Children who are selected will be sent suggestions for practice methods prior to the concert.


There will also be an opportunity for piano students who are currently learning books 2-3 to take part in the Playtogethers. 




Teachers or parents should make a video recording of the piece that they are applying for and upload to YouTube. See below for additional instructions for YouTube.


From 12 September you will be able to apply online for a place in the concert where you will need to complete your information and paste the link to your YouTube clip.


Auditions will close 25 October 2019


Students will be informed in early November if they have been successful in the audition process. At that point, parents will be asked to complete a formal registration document for the British Suzuki Institute, purchase audience tickets and pay the registration fee of £75 (BSI members) or £95 (other European Suzuki Association members).


Piano Repertoire for Suzuki Gala Concert 2020


Children may audition for more than one item but will be selected to play ONE item only in the concert.

1.       Sonata in C K331 3rd mvt (MOZART) – Suzuki Book 7 To be performed with the ensemble

2.       Sonata in C K545 3rd mvt (MOZART) – Suzuki Book 6 To be performed with the ensemble

3.       Sonatina in F 2nd mvt (BEETHOVEN) – Suzuki Book 5 To be performed with the ensemble

4.       Sonatina in C Op55/1 2nd mvt (KUHLAU) – Suzuki Book 3 To be performed with the ensemble

5.       Arietta (MOZART) – Suzuki Book 2 To be performed with the ensemble

We look forward to receiving your auditions.


Recording, Uploading and Submitting your Audition Video 


1. Record Your Audition

Record your video using a video camera, or other suitable device.  Sound and picture quality are both important:

DO ask the student to introduce their name and piece
DO make sure they are in frame and in focus.
DO check the sound is clear and not distorted.
DO review footage before submitting it - what you send cannot be changed later
DO NOT use digital zoom - think about where the microphone will be! 
DO NOT edit the performance or make any post-production adjustments to the sound.


2. Upload to YouTube

When you have a final audition video to submit, log into your Google account. If you do not already have a Google Account, simply go to  click on “Gmail” and then “Create an account” and log in.  Click on the GoogleApps button and then the YouTube logo to access YouTube.

If you are uploading more than one piece, please ensure you edit them together into one clip. YouTube has a simple video editor that will allow you to do this. Using the YouTube editor

Click on “Upload” button and fill out the fields as follows:

Title Student name, age and teacher
Description The name(s) of the piece(s) you are auditioning for                                                                               

Tags Leave blank
Privacy Make sure you change from the default PUBLIC to UNLISTED (this ensures that no-one apart from the panel will be able to see your audition)


It is your responsibility to ensure that all of these guidelines are followed - we have no control over the YouTube upload process.


3. Apply online

Online applications will be open from 12 September.  Complete the Online Application Form and copy and paste your YouTube video URL into Application Form when prompted.